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Resident Wildlife

Otter Lake offers a wide array of wildlife and yes, there are Otters. The most common sighting and sounds are our resident Loons. The spring brings in mating pairs that result in the brown downy fuzz balls that are their chicks. Large herons, geese, mallards and mergansers are also quite common. There is nothing quite as exciting as seeing a gaggle of merganser chicks sprinting across the water chasing down their mother! In the spring, large eagles will visit to fish and hardly a day goes by where you won't see an osprey. In the fall it is not uncommon to see swans in recent years.

Gallery of just a few

Not so wild...

Sandy Beach at Otter Lake is a dog friendly park. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times and of course stoop and scoop rules apply. Dogs are not allowed on the beach but we do have a designated area where you can take your water dog for a swim.